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5 Social Media Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

Consumers are savvier to social media marketing than ever before. Facebook giveaway contest, Instagram Photo contest, Twitter @mention - people have seen them all before.

To earn their trust, you've got to think out of the box and be remarkable. In this article, we'll share 5 remarkable social media lead generation ideas to help you to be a better social media manager.

Before we delved into the details, we assume that you have gone through all the basics of social media game plan.

  • You know your USP
  • You know your Target Audience
  • You know what's CTAs
  • You know your KPIs
  • You know why you're doing what you're doing

Knowing your social media gameplan is just the beginning of social media marketing. We are seeing social marketing adoption continue to rise rapidly, but I believe that we're approaching the brink of major evolutions in terms of the way society is executed. As more organizations buy into the social paradigm, the mediums and quality of content will take significant strides forward.

How do you capitalize on different social media contest mechanics as part of your lead generation strategy? Without further ado, here are a few tips to help you generate more leads on Social Media.


#1 Roll out a "Creative" Contest

If you’re looking for a quick way to boost your page likes and expand your email list, a creative contest is a way to go.

What kind of contest are you going to hold? You can always try something new and creative. You can encourage users to "like" your page and fill out a form to enter the contest.  This will give you a boost in fan activity, and you'll be able to contact these new fans via email for your next lead nurturing campaign.

Smartphones are now shipping with accelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses and other hardware designed to determine capture motion and orientation data. With the ability to detect the movement, it's now possible to run an interactive campaign such as "shake and win."


#2 Create a Quiz

A successful social media quiz is always interactive and fun. Choose a topic that will appeal to audience's interests, emotions and feelings.

Make Use of Images for Your Quiz – A lot of the more popular quizzes you come across on social media utilize great images. Pictures keep things interesting and relevant while also making your quiz feel more like a trivia game show.

Keep Things Simple – You don’t want to bombard your audience with a ton of questions. People these days don’t necessarily have the greatest attention span. In our experience, the sweet spot is between 5-8 questions.


#3 Run a Survey

Marketing is no longer about talking to the customers. It’s about communicating with them, and figuring out which content they’re most interested in seeing. Websites, newspapers, magazines show us the power of survey because consumers find them entertaining. Regardless of the medium, we enjoy answering questions about ourselves. Survey works well on social media too.

There are many survey generators available. The most popular company is SurveyMonkey, which has both free and paid options. There are some other tools such as Google Forms and SurveyPlanet.


#4 Setup a Gated Content

As conversion-driven marketers, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the results of our lead generation campaigns.

The gated content was made specifically for lead generation, whether that’s an email address, or filling out a survey, or getting your name, title, company, email and phone number.

Before you get started on your next gated content campaign, consider the following:

Develop the highest-value content you can.

Keep your opt-in form short and sweet.


#5 Invest in Social Ads

Advertising on social media isn't just about flashing messages in front of your target audience, it’s about engaging with your customers and building brand loyalty.

Facebook advertising can invite interaction, while Twitter advertising can help get your message to the top of the pile. LinkedIn ads can promote specific posts and content that to establish you as a thought-leader and can reach decision makers in specific roles at specific companies.

Social media advertising often works in tandem with other lead generation tactics like gated content or contests. The combination of gated content with audience targeting makes social media advertising an extremely effective approach to driving qualified leads.

No matter the kind or size of business you run, consider the variety of social media advertising platforms available to you to create awareness of your business and offer timely and relevant offers to your customers.



Lead generation often uses digital channels and has been undergoing significant changes in recent years from the rise of social media. We believe that social media will continue to have a significant impact on every company's lead generation strategy.

What do you think? Do you have other ideas on how to increase lead generation through social media reach? Please leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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