3 Proven Social Media Campaigns to Skyrocket Your Social Media Engagements!

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3 Proven Social Media Campaigns to Skyrocket Your Social Media Engagements!

Games and contests are starting to become a hit on social media. With the constant giveaways and simple games we observe on social media, it is inevitable to wonder what are the various types of social media campaigns one can hold on social media and what are their individual purposes.

Generally, there are three main types of such campaigns: sweepstakes, content contests and voting contest.

#1 Sweepstakes - A Simple yet Popular Contest

Goal: Boost Social Media Page’s Engagement, Collect Leads

Sweepstake is a popular type of social media due to its simplicity, which makes it great for first time contest organiser. Generally, this type of contest is hosted in a simple format where it involves minimal form fields. Contestants just have to like a page and submit their name and email. With that, they would be granted with a chance to win the prize. Due to its low barrier of entry, it is effective in garnering responses. These emails and other information collected can then be used for future marketing campaigns.


Case Study: Diamond Candles is an American candle manufacturer that puts an interesting twist to normal candles by having a surprise ring worth up to $5,000 in it. In order to bring itself to the known, Diamond Candles ran sweepstakes campaigns on a weekly basis where contestants simply have to like the page and submit their email.


What made this campaign successful is its low barrier of entry. Not only did the company gathered a huge amount of email leads, the prize they gave away was also highly related to their brand - the candles itself. This eventually allowed the contest winners to try out the products for themselves and hopefully grow to love it.

This campaign garnered over 30,000 new fans for the page in less than 6 weeks. Besides that, the campaign also encouraged contestants to start fan pages and upload videos of themselves getting the ring.

This is a classic example of a sweepstake campaign, and showed that, when done right, a sweepstake campaign brings much more benefit than just leads and engagement.

#2 Content Contests - Get Genuine and Fresh Content from Users

Goal: User Generated Content, Engagement, Discussion

Typically, there are 3 common types of content contests: image, video, essay. This form of contest requires more efforts from the contestants but at the same time, garner more benefits, including user-generated content (UGC) and audience engagement and involvement. Depending on the campaign itself, contestants have to either upload a photo, video, essay or any other content to enter into the contest. These content should be highly related to the host company. The winner will then be selected through votes or judges and win something, be it a feature or prize.


Case Study: Eggo is a brand of frozen waffles owned by the Kellogg’s Company. To create discussions and showcase the Eggo Rules, including “There’s no wrong way to top an eggo” and “ When you make it, you can take it”, Eggo launched a two-part content contest - “The Great Eggo Waffle Off!”.


This is not your typical content contest. Instead of photo, video or essay posting, it began with a recipe contest which generated submission of multiple recipes coming from their consumers. This creativity inputted into the contest brought about more interest from the public. The second part of the contest is related to the next type of contest we will be discussing - voting contest.

The winner of this campaign would receive $5,000. Although this prize is not related to the brand itself, the whole contest process of submitting Eggo recipes generated buzz around the brand. From this, Eggo generated large amount of recipe content and photos, which was placed on their Facebook page and website. This contest also helped in generating sales when Eggo suggested that other consumers try each of the recipes and vote for their favourite ones.

#3 Voting Contests

Goal: Understand Consumer’s Interest, Uncover New Opinions of your Brand

Voting contests are generally used in conjunction with content contests. They are similar to sweepstakes such that they are simple for people to enter. What sets it a level higher is that brands will be able to gather some insights about how people perceive their brand and understand their consumer’s interests. While the voting contest should be highly related to the brand and what brands want to find out, the contest should not be so brand-oriented that it pushes contestants away. These content should still be able to attract the target audience and get them excited.


Case Study: One prominent voting contest since 2006 is by Lay’s, a potato chips brand. In order to know more about what consumers love and get inspired by consumer-generated flavours, Lay’s launch the “Do Us a Flavour” contest where consumers get to create their own flavour of Lay’s chip by innovating the flavour name and choosing 3 out of the 500+ available ingredients and create a short pitch for their newly created flavour.

Following that, the flavour would be in the flavours gallery and people from all over the world can vote for their favourite flavour. The final winner would get $1 million and the three top finalist flavours will be produced for a period of time and offered for sale.

This voting contest not only helped Lay’s crowdsource for new popular flavours, but at the same time, find out about what types of ingredient consumers are interested in. This campaign also hinges on people's desire for customisation and power to make decisions, to encourage people to submit their entry and vote.

This 2017 campaign is currently ongoing and has already generated a large amount of entries in less than a month.

Choose the Right Contest Type

Overall, all three types of contest serves different purposes and it is crucial to understand what you wish to get out of the campaign before deciding on which types of social media contest to hold.


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