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Google+ Reloaded: Not A Ghost Town, Far From Dead

Have you abstained from Google+?

Are you wondering whether it is worth spending your marketing effort on yet another social network?

When Google+ was first (officially) launched in June of 2011 there was a ton of hoo-ha and dozens of speculation about what it would mean for the world of search engine and social networking.

After slightly more than a year of its official launch, Google+ is known as the most densely populated ghost town. Is that so?


Google Plus with 100 Million Monthly Active User


Google+ Reloaded

Google+: 400 Million Registrations, 100 Million Monthly Active Users Google+ Reloaded: 100 Million Monthly Active Users  (Image has been altered, original image courtesy of MarcelisKhaldern)


Here are some more interesting Google+ stats:


The snowballing volume of active visitors worldwide would disagree with the common assumption that Google+ is a ghost town. Take a look at this infographic from CircleCount.


Google+ Infographic by Country


The recent interviews by Neal Schaffer of Windmillnetworking with Top 10 Social Media Experts including Guy Kawasaki and many others revealed that it actually the best time to take Google+ seriously.


Personal Encounter with Google+

Just like the sceptics, I have qualms about using Google+ in the beginning. Being a huge Twitter fan, I was reluctant to spend much time on Google+. However, it was Guy Kawasaki's passion for Google+ that draws my attention to it. Since then I never looked back. I am always amazed at how he built a huge following on Google+, in just a short year (that number was actually triple of what he has on Twitter).

Following his footsteps, I have tried to build up my Google+ account. Back in mid-July 2012, I started off with merely 20 friends in my circle. Today, I'm grateful to have connected with bountiful awesome people out there in Google+, sharing their thoughts and insights. It just works!


Google+ is fun


If you've known right from the beginning that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would become the online congregation of businesses, professionals and customers they eventually became, would you have jumped on these social media bandwagons earlier?

That is exactly where we are right now, with Google+. There are too many cool features Google+ possessed that the other social networks don't. One of such great features is the real-time video "hangouts", you can simply create a webinar for free, via mobile or desktop. Also, Google+ gels perfectly with all your other Google apps, like Gmail, YouTube, and so forth. Give it a try and you will love it!

I would like to reiterate, Google+ is not dead. So what are you waiting for? Well, if you are ready to embrace Google+ now, there are tons of video tutorials to help you to get started. Starts using Google+ now!


Check this out: Top 30 Google+ Video on Youtube, sorted by Denis Labelle

  1. Google+: Set Up Your Profile
  2. Google+: Sharing
  3. Google+: There’s more to explore
  4. Google+: About Circles
  5. Google+: Reading and Responding
  6. Google+: Broadcast Your Hangout To The World
  7. Google+: Getting Started With Hangouts On Air
  8. Google+ Events: Introducing a new way to get together
  9. Introducing Google+ Events
  10. Google+: Organize your photos
  11. Google+: See who a post is shared with
  12. Google+: Edit your Photos
  13. Google+: Manage the content in your stream
  14. Google+: Switching between your profile and page
  15. Google+: Search and trending topics
  16. Google+: Photo tagging
  17. Google+: Mention someone in a post
  18. Google+: +1 across the web
  19. Google+: Visibility of content
  20. Google+: Sharebox and Notifications
  21. Google+: Start a Hangout
  22. Google+: Find People You Know
  23. Google+: Customize Your Settings
  24. Google+ Events: Share event photos instantly with Party Mode
  25. Google+ Events: Make your invitations stand out
  26. Google+ Events: See everyone’s event photos in one place
  27. Google+ Events: Creating an event with Google+
  28. Google+: Share Photo Albums
  29. Google+ for Android

Spending some time nurturing your presence will not only enhance your Google+ experience, but also increase your business's overall online visibility.

What do you think? Did you find these video tutorials helpful? How many are you currently incorporating Google+ in your social plan? Please share your comments below.


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