The New Era of Word of Mouth Marketing via Instagram Influencers

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The New Era of Word of Mouth Marketing via Instagram Influencers

Instagram Marketing  

Instagram has changed the way people see the world

- Kevin Systrom, Co-founder, Instagram

Instagram’s connectivity enables anyone to share pictures, up to 60 million visuals on a daily average, with an international audience. This helps individuals to weave a special kind of storytelling and bonding with others over shared online experiences.

Why Instagram Influencers

Advertisements are all around us. People have already been overexposed to endless advertisements of what companies are trying to tell them. However, they prefer self-sufficiency, and want to research a brand on their own and/or hear about it from someone they trust. In fact, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 33% trust advertisements, according to Nielsen. As such, it’s time to move one step ahead— people are much more likely to believe what others say about your brand, not just what you say about it.

Depending on your objectives, you can achieve different things with an influencer – be it part of your social media campaign, improving your brand’s presence, or building relationships.

How can Influencers help you?

Influencers help to activate fans to tell their story – an authentic, connected group that has amassed an audience who pays attention to and responds to images. They can help you to get to know your audience, plan, prepare or test content, proactively shape and steer positive conversations to desired outcomes and seize real-time opportunities.

These people amaze, inspire and motivate their crowd, which is exactly what you hope to achieve on Instagram.

Moreover, not only do influencers bring their audience, but they also bring their audience’s network. Because of the loyalty of their audience, an influencer has the ability to drive traffic or exposure to your site, or sell your product through their stories about their experiences using it.

Thus, the value that influencers bring to you is astounding. For Instagram marketing campaigns in particular, they create an authentic means of promotion, while giving you opportunities to interact with them – arguably the most passionate members of a community of people who use your products or services?

Instagram has truly changed the way we view the world and how we communicate. It’s time for smart brands to respond accordingly.


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