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Social Media Landscape In Singapore 2014

Social media in Singapore is slowly being acknowledged by brands and businesses, for both MNCs and SMEs alike.

Although the majority of business owners still have their reservations on how social media can help their businesses, it is rather heartening to see startups and young companies embracing social media; recognising what social media can do for them.

So why should companies take on social media? I will not give you the generic answers that you have heard hundreds, if not thousands of times.

“Oh, because all of your customers are on Facebook”

These answers just don’t give us a compelling reason to take the time and effort to take on a new skill such as Facebook management.

The only way you aren’t attracted by this is if you don’t care about revenue or sales at all.

It’s always daunting for a business to steer away from something they know so well and venture into new spaces, which explains why established companies are less likely to take the risk with social media as compared to smaller startups.

But when done well, social media can help us communicate and understand our customers like never before (think along the line of friendship).

Advancement in social media analytics also means that businesses around the world are now able to avoid the century-old dilemma about marketing, as famously proclaimed by John Wanamaker, “Half of my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half”.

Facebook and Twitter, two of the giants riding the wave of social media, are now offering detailed analytics on how your advertisements are faring on their networks.

You will be able to know an estimate of the demographic that your ads are shown to, whether your customers are interested in them, and even other brand pages that your targeted demographic may like.

But what are the social media channels that are raking in all the attention in Singapore?

We did a quick search on Google Trend, and this is what we found. Facebook has an obvious advantage in terms of interest in Singapore. It’s also interesting to note that Instagram, despite being one of the later startups, has now surpassed Twitter.

In-line with the trends, our clients are also beginning to focus their efforts on creating engaging content on both Instagram and Facebook.

This is especially important for Facebook due to the change in its algorithm, leading to a drop in organic reach of your post. This means that whenever you post on your page, only about 1-2% of your total page fans will see them; it will only increase when Facebook notice that the post is receiving high levels of engagement: likes, comments, and shares.

Now, how about we take a look at some jaw-dropping facts and an infographic about social media in Singapore, and hopefully, they will be enough to jolt you into action!

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