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Top 10 Social Media Infographic Accounts to Follow on Pinterest

Are you looking for better way to explain complicated data?

Try Infographics. There is a popular saying - "A picture is worth a thousand words!" 

In the same way, infographics are the finest way to illustrate complex information quickly and clearly. There are various terms used to describe this subset of graphic design - Data Visualization, Information Design, Visual Content. This practice of design makes the best out of the data, copy, statistics and number.

Google Trends Search shows that the popularity of infographics has skyrocketed dramatically in the past few years.


Google Trends on Infographics Google Trends on Infographics


Personally, I am a big fan of Infographics on Pinterest.

Internet marketers and social media enthusiasts have taken to Pinterest with the same enthusiasm they first brought to Flickr and Tumblr. Infographics might not be the most popular category on Pinterest, but it will continue to grow as a repository for informative, inspiring visual data content.

But anyone who has used Pinterest for a while begins to notice that some of these Infographics are repeated. Users often pick from the same sources (, Daily Infographic, Cool Infographic, Visualoop, Scoopit etc), and most of the popular infographic pins tend to appear on different streams over and over again.

With that in mind, we have shortlisted 10 social-media-focused Pinterest accounts that not only offer up consistently high-quality pins but also tend to be updated timely.



Mashable Pinterest

Mashable is the largest independent website dedicated to news, information and resources for the connected generation. You can see some of the coolest infographics on the web on Mashable Infographics Board.


Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter Pinterest Board

This pin board from @kanter, the co-author of the Networked Nonprofit, includes infographics that summarize data and research about social media tools, platforms, and trends.


Irene Koehler

Irene Koehler Pinterest Board

As a social media speaker, @IreneKoehler is active on a collaborative board that collect social media infographics for presentations and blog posts.


Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer Social Media Strategist

@NealSchaffer is a leading social media strategist(A Forbes Top 30 Social Media Power Influencer and creator of the AdAge Top 100 Global Marketing Blog Windmill Networking), and you can expect a lot of useful tips from him on Pinterest. Apart from showcasing social media related infographics, you can also find other interesting boards for example "Top Social Media Books worth-reading" and "Social media superstars".


Jorgen Poulsen

Jorgen Poulsen Social Media Infograhics on Pinterest

If you're paying close attention to trends and statistics on social media, be sure to follow this board. It has the @CatalystPart collection of various Social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You are sure to find something revealing about your favourite network there


Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah Social Media Infographics On Pinterest

Founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics, @hnshah is an expert at recommending top-notch social media tips. If you want to get more insights into how to run a startup as well, be sure to check this out.


Lisa Loeffler

Lisa Loeffler Social Media Infographic on Pinterest

@LisaMLoeffler the Principal Consultant at Genuine Media is a qualified Pinterest addict with more than 700 pins. Her boards are full of social media insights. Be sure to check out her variety of boards.


Marvin Smith

Marvin Smith Social Media Infographics on Pinterest

Marvin Smith, a renowned social recruiting technologist. The focus of his Pinterest Boards is on social media recruitment and employment topics. The variety of sources is what makes the board worth a follow. Twitter @talentcommunity.


Ching Ya

Ching Ya Social Media Infograhics on Pinterest

It is no surprise that the blogger behind would have a wonderful Pinterest Board, full of the tips, how-to(s) and infographics that inspire her audience. Most social media marketers focus on sharing the how-to. Not Ching Ya. Her Pinterest boards are filled with things that are fun and alive. Twitter @wchingya.



As a great lover of Infographics, Yours Truly have boards dedicated specifically to Infographics, with nearly 1,000 pins. Feel free to connect! :)


Terrence Social Media Infographics on Pinterest



When it comes to the most popular boards on Pinterest, you can sort the list either by the number of pins, repins or followers. Alternatively, there are third-party Pinterest directory and analytics tools such as Repinly and Pinreach. By being able to see the most popular pins of all time, marketers can really get a sense of what kind of content is a hit on Pinterest, and has the potential to go viral.

Have you come across any interesting social media infographics interest board worth following that we have missed? Please give them a shout in the comments section below.

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