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Best Chinese New Year Ads 2015

April 10, 2017, by Nadirah Norruddin

With Chinese New Year round the corner, billions worldwide are ushering in the year of the goat with much excitement and zest. This is not without bouts of nostalgia as we reminiscence on lost […]

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5 Best Practices to Create Successful Instagram Campaigns

March 24, 2017, by Ang Woon Lan

    Despite having the highest engagement among all social media platforms, few companies have truly been able to tap into the full reach of the Instagram platform to create successful campaigns. […]

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Pay attention! Brand lesson from Starbucks Instagram Campaign

August 17, 2014, by Bright Raj

Early bird catches the worm. Ringing true to the adage, Starbucks was one of the earliest adapters (since 2011) of Instagram and today, it is on the No.2 spot of the Top 50 Brands on Instagram in […]

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Taco Bell's Native Advertising Success Story

August 11, 2014, by Bright Raj

Native Ads might just be the next big thing… the bomb-dot-com in social media marketing in 2014. While most companies and agencies are just testing waters, the Tex-Mex giant Taco Bell has already […]

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29 Amazing Instagram Stats Every Marketer Should Know

May 27, 2014, by Wong Dorcas

Things are getting interesting with Instagram announcing its jump onto the social media marketing bandwagon late last year. Traditional social media powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter have been […]

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7 Tips for Running Successful Photo Contest on Facebook

October 22, 2013, by Ninja

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