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Visual Customer Service In The Social Age

Visual Customer Service

Building a brand is never a straightforward or simple task. While there are general guidelines to help along the way, and basic skeletons of strategies can be fleshed out, there will always be something that could have been done better or something that needed more attention.


Take Care of The Essentials

Though there are many areas of brand growth and promotion strategy that are vital to the success of a company, there is one in particular that cannot be ignored in today’s current connected climate.

Social media presence would seem obvious to any tech-savvy or active online consumers and business professionals. However proper execution and integration of social media into the growth of a brand take more than simply starting a Facebook and Twitter account and posting on them from time to time.

Customers today want the ability to engage with their chosen brands while also engaging with their friends and family on the same platform.


The Benefits of Visual Customer Service

Providing this for your potential customers as you grow is not only a way to appease the consumer and provide a convenient way to connect, but also grants the business owners an effective outlet for promotion and data collection.

Opening a forum for customer feedback, suggestions, and criticisms, new companies can learn more about their target audience while also promoting the brand.

Visual customer service is especially important if your brand and the subsequent brand-customer interactions that occur are mostly hosted online.

Building trust with a customer or customer base is all the harder when the opportunity to meet or shake hands will never be provided. Creating a quality social media presence is the best chance you have at building an image for your brand.

While your website might be expertly put together and your logo exemplary, your current and potential customers feel most at home using the social media platforms that they are already familiar with.


Likes Are the Name of the Game

This familiar environment provides yet another priceless advantage to a growing business, and that is the potential for customer advocacy.

Providing quality, shareable content, as well as a clean and engaging way to provide your customer service through social media, can lead to “shares,” “likes,” and other endorsements of the kind that are then seen by that user's connections.

Social media advocacy is the ultimate “free” marketing and serves the modern word of mouth.


Use the Tools Available to You

Visual Customer Service is not only a great idea but also one that has come to be expected by most of today’s connected consumers. Take a look at the infographic “Visual Customer Service in the Social Age” for a clear look at the social platforms that brands are using for customer outreach and growth, as well as some great ideas for how to use them effectively.

It is undeniable that much of today's culture and online engagement relies heavily on visuals, so make sure that you are providing what the people demand while also providing great benefit for your own business.

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