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What Advertising Can Teach You About Social Media

Does it really a up Source: Lab42


Advertising is salesmanship on paper
- John E. Kennedy

This simple definition for advertisement ruled how business market their products for decades... until the emergence of social media. Today social media slowly takes over how individual brands and businesses' marketing strategy, and it's no longer so much about salesmanship; but more about connecting, relating, and being helpful to your customers.

The reasons why many brands are failing on social media are large because they are still treating social media like a traditional advertising platform. Always trying to broadcast information about their products whenever possible. Always trying to hoodwink consumers with genius advertising copy.

But that's exactly the reasons why consumers jumped on social media to research on their next buy! They trust themselves and are sick and tired of advertising copy that tells them which products are the best without any substantial evidence backing up their claims. They are also generally wary of the "experts" employed by brands to promote their products.

With that said, it doesn't mean there is nothing to take away from so many years of brilliant advertising strategy. Some of the strategy and insights of advertisement can still very much apply to our social media strategy.

Here are some key takeaways from the infographic:


Only 3% of those surveyed described ads claims as very accurate

Enough with all the copyrighting that boast about how great your product is. Eliminate all doubts that your customers have by offering them samples or a chance to try your products. Proof that sampling works: Bellabox - Consumers can pay SGD$19.95/month for a box of 5+ products samples, and if they like it, they can purchase the full products from their online store. This shows that consumers are willing to pay for samples that are carefully curated for them, and are often willing to review them.

Generally if consumers like your samples, they will naturally become champions of your products; promoting it through their social channels.

Here is an article was written by Yahoo Small Business Advisors on how to do social media sampling right together with examples.


31% want ads to make them aware of new products, and 20% wants ads to educate them.

Consumers want to know about your new products, and at the same time know how these products can help them in their daily lives.

This reiterates the point about helping your consumers on social media; which calls for empathy in brands. Study and research what issues your targeted consumers are facing, and show them practical ways of how your brand can help them in their daily struggle.

Lowe's Fix in Six is a great example. See here for their interesting vine videos that they produced to help their customers in daily home-related struggles.

By producing these helpful videos to improve their customers' lives, they will definitely be at the top of their minds when it comes to purchasing home appliances.


71% said a funny ad makes them more likely to remember an ad

Everyone loves being around that popular kid at school, and one way to be that kid is through humour and fun.

An excellent case study that everyone knows of is Oreo. Ever since the inception of the blackout dunk gone viral, and their creative 100 days daily twist campaign; Oreo has gone on to become the popular kid that everyone flocks to, and secretly wish they can become.

But don't get me wrong, I am not telling everyone to simply go and be fun or funny. National Geographic is doing very well too by being informative about things that go on around the world. So find your own brand voice, your own identity, and work from there! :)

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