What Facebook Edgerank Mean for Marketers and Why Does It Matter

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What Facebook Edgerank Mean for Marketers and Why Does It Matter

Facebook's Mission Statement Facebook's Mission - Image courtesy of TechCrunch

Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

Yes. It's true that the more you are using Facebook for marketing, the better you are in superintending this 'power' and the more people you can reach out to.

But it comes with limitations and conditions. You've got to play by their rules.

It's the nature of any social media platform to allow your contents to be seen by as many people as possible. However, this may not be quite the case with Facebook. The greater number of fans you have on your page, the harder you would have to work to ensure that your content features regularly and organically.

If you have spent sometime maintaining a business page on Facebook, you will realize that you're only reaching a small circle of your audiences with each post.

In fact, you are getting what most companies are on Facebook. It is quite likely only 1 in 6 or less than 20% of your page’s fans actually see your well-thought-out Facebook status updates from your business page in their news feed.

Facebook EdgeRank can be discouraging. You work your ass off to accumulate fans and “Likes” using every trick, tactic and strategy outlined by Facebook Guru out there only to realize a tiny fraction of those fans actually see your messages.

This phenomenon isn't as unacceptable as people think it is. It's a well-know fact that Pages never reached 100% of their subscribers, because of EdgeRank.

What is EdgeRank?

You're probably aware and heard of Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm. But you're unsure what's the theory behind it and how it works.

Similar to how Google's PageRank sorts results to better match your search intention with high relevancy, Facebook uses Edgerank to ensure that. It decides what fans will (and won't) see your contents in their news feed.

There are far fewer factors Facebook's Edgerank takes into account versus Google. The higher your Edgerank score, the more likely your fans will see the contents you have posted.

When there's a problem, there's always a solution.

Work on what really matters - get likes, shares, comments and more on every update, from as many fans as possible (rather than from the same fans time and time again).

Check out these infographics below, courtesy of PostRocket, to equip yourself on EdgeRank.


Facebook EdgeRank 101

Facebook EdgeRank 102

Facebook EdgeRank 103

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